Bathymetry Survey in Morong and Talisay Rivers in Bataan

Bathymetric (1)

Part of the bathymetric data gathering is the cross section survey at Talisay Bridge, Balanga, Bataan. (Photo was taken on July 26, 2016)




          The CLSU Phil-LiDAR 1 together with the Data Validation Bathymetric Component (DVBC) of UPDiliman Phil-LiDAR 1 conducted a joint bathymetric survey from July 22, 2016 to August 3, 2016 in Morong and Talisay Rivers in Bataan. Bathymetry is the measurement of water depth at various places in a large body of water. Bathymetric data will be processed to generate the riverbed topography or the terrain of river. The data are important to create hydrodynamic models such as flood depth and flood hazard map. Three of the CLSU Phil-LiDAR 1 researchers namely: Engr. Jose T. Gavino, Engr. Bennidict P. Pueyo and Mr. Christopher R. Genaro joined the bathymetric activity.





Bathymetric (2)  Another photo taken at Talisay  bridge during the  Cross section survey on July 26, 2016.

  Another photo taken at Talisay  bridge during the  Cross section survey on July 26, 2016.

Bathymetric (4)    Bathymetric (5) Base Stationing during ground validation on July 24, 2016  

         The following photos are the manual bathymetric survey at different locations in Morong River upstream on July 29, 2016. The team walks around ­­6 km upstream from Morong bridge.

Bathymetric (6)

Bathymetric (7)Bathymetric (8) Bathymetric (9)


Bathymetric (10)

Initializing of GPS-RTK Rover near Morong River in Bataan at the start of the manual bathymetric survey.

Bathymetric (11)





          Marking of masl at the Talisay bridge column on August 1, 2016.  The marked masl will serve as the reference for the initial water level at the time when the depth gauge was deployed.

Bathymetric (13)

Bathymetric (12)










The bathymetric survey aboard on a boat on July 25, 2016 at Talisay river in Balanga, Bataan.