CLSU Phil-LiDAR 1 and 2 Project Leaders Presented Papers During the XXIII ISPRS Congress in Prague, Czech Republic

Dr. Annie Melinda Paz-Alberto during the poster presentation at Prague Congress Center

Dr. Annie Melinda Paz-Alberto during the poster presentation at Prague Congress Center

          The two project leaders presented papers during the 23rd International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Congress in Prague on July 12-19, 2016. ISPRS is a leading organization in remote sensing, photogrammetry and spatial information sciences - very high-resolution satellite imagery, terrain based imaging and participatory sensing, inexpensive platforms, and advanced information and communications technologies. The Congress was done every 4 years which welcomes participants from all over the world.

          The gathering strengthens relations among the researchers, professionals and representatives of governmental and non-governmental organization thus enhancing the co-operation within the field. ISPRS welcomes all papers bringing new results, achievements, methods and theory to help to shift the present level of knowledge.

          During the said congress, Dr. Annie Melinda Paz-Alberto presented a poster entitled Remote Sensing Application of the Geophysical Changes in the Rivers and Coastlines of Zambales, Philippines. Her co-authors in the paper are Melissa Joy Sison, Edmarck P. Bulaong and  Marietta A. Pakaigue.

          On the other hand, Dr. Ronaldo T. Alberto also presented a paper entitled: Object Based Agricultural Land Cover Classification Map of Shadowed Areas from aerial image and LIDAR Data Using Support Vector Machine during the said conference.


Dr. RT. Alberto during the paper presentation at Prague Congress Center

           The two papers presented are research findings of the Phil-LiDAR projects of Central Luzon State University.